Posted on December 16, 2015 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
Are freezing temperatures making you dream of sun-kissed shores and water sports? Worry not, we’ve selected five beautiful beaches that are sure to cure your seasonal sorrows. Andros, Bahamas is a beach lover's dream, with hammocks hanging from palm trees overlooking crystal clear waters. The calm trade winds of Aruba are ideal for windsurfing while the waves of Barbados invite you to grab your surfboard. Costa Rica is a haven for animal lovers, where nesting sea turtles can be spotted along the shores, as iguanas sunbathe on Mayan ruins in Tulum, Mexico.
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Posted on December 15, 2015 by Violeta-Loredana Pascal in Travel
If you like fresh air and love outdoor activities, then a visit to Vancouver is a must. The city is considered the most expensive city in North America by the Economist and was included by Forbes and BuzzFeed among the most beautiful cities in the world. With others publicly recognizing Vancouver as one of the most beautiful cities in Canada and the world (it’s about time!), it’s time we dig into the city’s impressive list of attractions, which are suitable for all preferences. Something that’s especially true for those of us who love cities with plenty of green spaces. But really, Vancouver has it all.
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Posted on December 14, 2015 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
There’s nothing more festive than being in New York City for the holidays. The snow covered streets, twinkling lights, ringing Salvation Army bells, and elaborate department store displays are a feast for the senses. Whether you are entertaining guests or taking in some holiday cheer on your own, here is a guide to happening attractions around the city that never sleeps.
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Posted on December 11, 2015 by Violeta-Loredana Pascal in Travel
Chicago is a city with an interesting history and a complete offering of things to do for any tourist visiting it. The "Windy City,” as it is called, has a beautiful skyline with its towering skyscrapers, lush green parks, many interesting museums and historical monuments with stories that deserve to be discovered.
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Posted on December 10, 2015 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
Sharing your life with pets is a wonderful feeling, one that’s multiplied when you travel with them. Dogs love nothing more than spending time with you and it’s all the more fun in a new environment. A trip outdoors is more exciting when your four-legged friend comes along. A beach getaway becomes more relaxing with your pooch right by your side rather than locked up in a kennel. Thankfully, with more and more hotels allowing dogs, you’ll have nothing to worry about when you book your next vacation. Keep your dogs safe and healthy with these ten travel tips.
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Posted on December 09, 2015 by Cheryl Rodewig in Travel
Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park is stunning in winter. The subalpine lakes are frozen and the park is blanketed in snow. Even with more than 400 square miles to choose from, you can see much of it in a day trip from nearby Boulder or Denver. And there’s no better time. The park just celebrated its centennial anniversary this year.
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Posted on December 08, 2015 by Violeta-Loredana Pascal in Travel
Do you like to travel? Of course you do! You are just one of the many like-minded people who love to discover new places, cities, countries, cultures and meet new people and broaden their personal horizon. More than that, studies revealed that traveling is good for your health as well, it actually helps keep your brain and heart in shape!
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Posted on December 07, 2015 by Lavanya Sunkara in Travel
The magic of Crete engulfs you the moment you step foot on this beautiful Greek island, a destination full of warmth, colorful culture, and breathtaking scenery. Located in the southern part of the Aegean Sea, Crete is the biggest of the Greek isles and boasts varied landscapes, from the pink sandy beaches of Elafonissi in the west to the Great Gorge of Samaria in the rugged White Mountains in the South. You’ll fall in love with the vineyards and dreamy villages of Rethymno and be fascinated by the Minoan ruins of the Palace of Knossos near Heraklion. Most of all, you’ll not find more authentic food and nicer people anywhere else in the country. Here, we’ve put together five must-see attractions in Crete.
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